We really should have a section for stereo questions/upgrades.

How is everyone intergrating their iPhones/iPods? Below are pics of the Griffin TuneFlex Aux Smartclick that I recently picked up. It consists of an iPhone cradle that plugs into the 12V socket and a flexible arm so that you can position your iPhone where you want it. It is blocking the analog speedo but I never look at that anyway since I look at the PP read out. The cradle charges the iPhone and also has a built in aux out plug. HOWEVER, when using the cradle's aux out plug, the volume is significantly lower compared to using the iPhone's headphone jack. So that is why I have the aux cord plugged into my iPhone instead of the cradle. There is a volume control on the base of the cradle unit and even with it turned all the way up, the volume was way lower than plugging it directly to the iPhone.

It also comes with a nifty wireless remote that attaches to your steering wheel but is easily removable via a magnetic base. I haven't used this set up on the water yet but I can see how the pause/play and skip buttons on the remote will come in handy. My iPhone will go into power save mode so I have to wake it up in order to pause the music or skip to the next song. The remote works even if the iPhone is in power save mode.

My Kenwood head unit (not the factory unit) has an aux-in jack on the back so I just routed a 3.5MM aux cable around the ski locker to the dash.

The phone cradle that is double-stick taped to the fiberglass near the walk thru was my first attempt at iPhone integration. It is pretty compact in the tucked away position so I may just leave it there in case someone has a different phone and wants to play their music.

I would be interested so see what others are doing.