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    Default quick back seat question

    In this vid (review of the 09 obv) it shows the back seat being movable so passengers can sit facing the rear. Specifically here:

    Is this something that's always been part of the OBVs (hard to tell based on pictures I've seen) or something new in '09? If it's not new but not always been there, what year was it added?

    Also it's hard to tell from the vid but is that possible just because the back seat is basically separate (and thus could just be removed in addition to moved like in the video) or because it's on some sort of track?

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    My '02 has a bench seat similar that I can slide forward to seat rear facing. Obiviously no back rest when in that postion.
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    Default pmoomba

    The backseat is seperate from the entire boat. It's not on a track or anything, it just slides on the carpet in the boat. It's basically a cover over a cover for the v-drive. It's identical to the LSV rear seat. I can't say if this has been an option on previous models - I would assume so since you need to be able to gain access to the v-drive, so the seat would need to be moveable.

    It's actually a pretty sweet deal. I haven't ever used it as a rear-facing seat, but it's nice to know that option is there.
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