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    Default Settings for wakesurfing?

    I'm a new owner of a lsv2006 with g3 ballast and wakeplate and i would like to know a good setting whitout fat sac for a nice wake for wakesurfing?

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    Pretty simple, you want weight in the rear storage on the side you are surfing-recomend the flyhigh 750lb bag as its a direct swap for the standard bags, fill the front ballast bag full, trim the wake plate up/bow high on the gauge and hit about 10-10.5mph. Drive straight.

    Now if you dont have the 750lb bag. Fill what ever bag you have in the rear, trim wake plate up and right around 10mph. Dont fill the front bag. See how that works. Might want to have a very slow turn to help the wave.

    Have everyone sit on the surf side

    Best of luck and post a picture
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    We fill front and rear bag on surf side, find some fat friends to sit on same side, trim tab down and wallah you have wave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THSEADOO View Post
    We fill front and rear bag on surf side, find some fat friends to sit on same side, trim tab down and wallah you have wave.
    actually you'll want to have the trim up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed G View Post
    I thought up was for running the boat at speed and down was to create a wake.

    I always get confused at what the actual direction of the plate is.

    All I know is, I like my plate set at the graphic all the way on the left side of the guage.

    Is that up or down? I think down.

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