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    I appreciate that input. It's obvious that the old speedos are almost useless at that speed. I was primarily trying to figure it out by feel, sound and watching the wake. The next time we try, I'll have the GPS in the boat and maybe even some real bags to get some consistent weight and configuration. It gives me something to do when ski conditions are less than stellar, though the gas really gets sucked through dragging around all that weight.

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    At least you're only dragging it at 10 MPH. Then again, the boat's a lot more efficient when it's planed off.
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    You to be honest I'm not sure just how much more fuel I use surfing. Skiing, full throttle for outs for full grown men, 34 - 36 mph runs. Surf, light touch on the throttle for the up even with me, slow easy runs. I'm not positive but I think I use about the same.

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    Let's face it - we're not in it for the gas mileage or we'd be doing neither
    Who cares.............have fun either way !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by viking View Post
    I have an 07 Ouback DD (engine centrally located). Awesome for skiing. Has the factory Stage I ballast (300lb) sack in the back. It's OK for wakeboarding but great for skiing. Thinking about upgrading to a bigger sack in the back as my wakeboarding skills improve. Does anyone know if you can surf behind it? Or has anyone done it? I know that for hardcore wakeboarders and surfers a guy should buy a V drive. Didn't know if you could get it to put out a big enough wake to surf?
    I thought it was more about total weight potential than v drive. But, certainly surfable!

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