Hi everyone:
I finally broke down and bought a set of Wetsound PRO 80's for my tower. Aside from being a very time consuming project, this was very straight forward. I used lots of information from the threads on the board. Thanks to all of you who have ventured down this path before me. As soon as I get the boat cleaned up, I will post some pics of what it looks like.
Here is what I put in:

Phase I -
2 Dual (150 watt single channel) amps - got these on Ubid.com for a ridiculously low price - we'll see how well they last.
2 Wetsounds PRO 80's - bought them from my local authorized dealer.
1 Pyle PLM#20PA - Public address system - an inexpensive alternative to the Wetsounds eq. - I really just wanted to have the ability to talk to the rider and wasn't worried about the sound quality of the Wetsounds. Here is a link to it.


1 Kenwood KDC-342U head unit so I could direct control my IPOD. I figured out (after the fact) that this unit does not coexist with the wired remote, so I have to rethink that and I may be yanking it to put it in my motorhome, but so far, it works nice with its wireless remote. I don't know how long it will be before the little remote falls into the lake!

Phase II - figure out what I am going to do with the Kenwood deck I put in. In all honesty, I was being lazy and I concentrated only on what I could put in that would not make me rewire the cabin speakers. In retrospect, I would also like to run the cabin speakers through the Pyle PA system so all music stops when you key up the mik. - nice to have, not need to have.

I also want to add a third amp for the cabin speakers and possibly upgrade everything to either Wetsounds or Polks.

Finally, I think I may be needing a second battery. Back to the threads to look for pro's and con's on that.

Thanks to all of you for all your posts that helped me figure this one out.

I believe I saved about $400 in installation costs judging by what two different installers quoted me in town.