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    Default Grtting a 2003 mobius... Have some questions.

    I am buying a 2003 Mobius on Friday and was wondering what some of the new items are. Like what is the model number of the kenwood MP3 player? And I am trying to save a little money up front, so I am just getting the ballest system that comes with it... How easy is it to later add the center ballest up front? Does the 2003 have the wake plate gauge that doesn't just go to 50%? And what else is new on the 2003? And why are you guys not showing the 2003 on the site yet? I would gladly help you for some extras on the boat. I am great in flash. Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
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    Default 03 Mobius

    Check out the configurator on the site and it will show you the new items and the price assoicated with them. The wakeplate gauge is the same as last year.

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