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    Default Any thoughts on making your own Z style bimini

    Well I just baught or im in the process of buying an 04 LS gotta love dealining with out of state banks (military) Anyway the boat I'm buying doesnt have a bimini. After looking at all the different types I definatly like the trampoline style and I am thinking of making one.

    Heres what I'm thinking. My dad for years owned a fence company and I know for a fact that I can get a quality aluminium chainlink fence gate frame made to size by Master Halco for around 65 to 75 dollars I found a website that sells greenhouse building materials and they have all kind of nice clamps ect all cheap. Home depot sells shade fabric for dog runs that I have measured and should fit perfect already has all the eyeholes for attaching it to the frame or I could have it stiched pretty reasonable I can bend the frame at a slight arch add my cross bars and fabric and be in buisness for less than 200.

    I was wondering if anyone has attempted anything like this and with what success. Let me know your thoughts. I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade and think its do able just dont want my boat to look cheap when its finished.

    Let me know


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    I can see what your describing and as long as < this is my opinion > You keep the fabric attached to the poles or frame closely. I mean don't have these huge clamps with big gaps holding the material. keep it tight and close to the frame and as long as it is not a big square on the tower it should look really sweet. One of a kind set ups always look nice to me also.

    I would use the Z5 shape and some of the other Bimini shapes to go by and it should look really tight.
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    Would love to see pics of how this turns out. Would love a Z5 rack, but not for 1500$. Looked at the monster tower cargo rack/ bimini and considering that since its only 600$. Let us know how your project goes!

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    I've seen a few on WakeWorld and imo some are ok and some just plain look like crap! If a structure, in this case the bimini, doesn't flow with the lines of the boat/tower then it looks like an abortion. Also imo only and not implying anything but look around for other hardware as fence hardware will, well look like fence hardware. Here's one such thread ...
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    My 98 came with a precursor to the Z style. That was an option on the earlier Moombas and it works well. A tube frame with cross members, fabric top laced around the frame, the frame is tapered so it will slide into a mounting bracket on each side of the tower and four small bolts holds it in place.
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