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    Default Do South Florida ski/wake boat dealerships actually exist?

    Pretty much where ever I go I look for the local Moomba/Supra, Mastercraft, Nautique, and Malibu dealers to check out the boats, gear, and general scene. Every city I've gone to has had something.

    I'm in West Palm Beach right now, and I found that in Boynton Beach there is (allegedly) a Skiers Choice dealer, and a Mastercraft dealer. The MC dealer's address was like 10 miles from my hotel, and SC was another 10 from that, so I hit up MC first.

    When I get there, the address is to what I can only describe as a storage unit type industrial complex; it was really weird. There was a company that manufacturers towers, and they had an older X-star in the parking lot, but that was it. No MC boats, no show room, nothing. I called, and got voicemail. So my guess is that South Florida Mastercraft has moved, and hasn't updated their address. No biggie.

    So I progress on to what I think is Ski Boats of the Palm Beaches, which is listed as a dealer on the Moomba dealer directory. The closer I get, the more residential it looks, until I arrive. The address listed (on this site! lol) is to someones house! They have a beautiful Supra sitting in the driveway, but its definately not a retail boat store.

    Both dealers have websites claiming to have boats in stock, and both advertise the addresses that I went to, but neither seem to actually exist. It was the weirdest thing I've ever encountered.
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    I helped a friend pick up a mastercraft down there somewhear a few years ago and when we pulled into the place we thought we were in the wrong place. no boats in sight and was a industrial park. strange i agree.
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    There used to be NO Inboard ski boat dealers anywhere near the Florida Pan handle until one recently opened in Dothan Alabama. My wife and I drove to Atlanta to get our boat. Florida has the highest concentration of boats per area/People in the WHOLE WORLD! But we also have the best fishing grounds in the whole world. You want a boat here in Panama City (population 100k) and I can take you to at least 5 BIG dealers (Mako, Boston Whaler, Proline, Century, Angler). But be prepared to see about 80% fishing boats, 20% pleasure boats and NO inboard ski boats for 100 miles! But that is better than it was 2 years ago when it was 300 miles away to find a ski boat dealer. Now in South Florida you will have names like Albermarle, Cabo, SeaRay, Hatteras, etc. big boats that cost even more money. Always remember that the price of a boat is exponential to the length!

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    I would recommend staying out of SE Florida.

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