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    Default Northern California/SF Bay Area

    I live in Northern California specifically SF Bay Area. Looking for favorite lake recommendations and why you like the lake. I have a family and for personal reasons I choose not to frequent the Delta.


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    There are a number of lakes within reach of the bay area. All have their pros & cons. Some are full, most are down and yet others almost empty so make sure to check status on them before going. I can speak for the valley only and all have boatable water with Hogan Res being the lowest. They include;

    San Jose Area:
    Anderson Reservoir
    Lexington Reservoir

    Napa/Sonoma Area:
    Lake Sonoma
    Lake Mendocino
    Lake Berryessa
    Clear Lake

    Central Valley Area:
    Comanche Reservoir
    New Hogan Reservoir
    New Melones
    Lake Don Pedro
    Lake McClure
    Lake Tulloch

    Sacramento Area:
    Folsom Lake
    Englebright Reservoir
    Bullards Bar Reservoir
    2007 Mobius LSV

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