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    Default Where to get bow cover? Air Dam?

    I have a 1200lb triangle bow fat sack and ran it this wknd and was really impressed. I would like to get one of those black bow covers that snaps on but don't see much of that item on the web?

    My boat didn't come with the snaps on the bow but i thought i could have that done? Not sure how it works?

    I'm interested in creating an air dam/door like i have seen on some of the bigger boats to close of wind coming through the walk through.. Any ideas on that would be appreciated as well.

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    Theres a older thread on the air dam. I want to say by Cab but not positive.

    Ive been searching but not finding it. There was some pictures of a boat with it. I know they used clear plexiglas and i think some aluminum tracks and a hinge type set up.
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    i would saw go to a local canvas place and they can make the bow cover. we keep our bow cover on most of the time, mainly because we ride in the early morning and the air temp is usually in the 60's. 61 today, but the water was nice) keeps things warmer

    for the walk through cover, some people have canvas that snaps in, the mod the mandley is referring to was done by a guy in utah, gcombe, i think. it looked pretty good, he gave all the details about what he did.

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