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    Default oil filter

    I have a 99 outback ls. i'm curious to everyone's thoughts on oil change frequency. i put about 60 hrs a year on my boat. An indmar tec suggested to change in the spring and then late in the summer (around mid to end of aug).

    Also this tec , when doing an oilchange uses a fram ph 13 filter which he says is bigger than the one he replacedand therefore more effectictive n efficient. i looked it up and its recommended for the 5.7 l police engines . Sounds reasonable to me.

    Anyones thoughts on this?
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    We do an every 50 hour oil/filter and trany change. We are fortunate enough to get around 100 hrs in each summer so we look at a Spring & August fluid change. I am a synthetic nut so we use the matching Mobile to our 2000 Outback/LS Fram number. Can't see any reason the bigger filter would hurt though. Will keep my eye on this post as well to see what Moomba has to say.

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    Default Oil Filter

    I have 99 Outback and I change the oil and filter in the engine every 30 hours. I use synthetic blend 15W-40 SJ/CG4 oil and Baldwin B-27 oil filter. I prefer not to use Fram filters. I believe Fram to be a less desirable filter than Baldwin. This is strictly a personal observation. I change the transmission oil every 60 hours. I bought a little vacuum pump from West Marine for $49.95 that easily removes the fluid from the transmission.

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    Default oil filters

    I read a report on oil filters, it said Fram filters were poorly made and unreliable. Mobil 1 filters and Purolater were at the top of the list. i'll post the link if I can find it, but you can probably do your own search under "oil filter reviews" and see what comes up.

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