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    So now that my boat is finally working right the blower takes a dump. My question is does anyone know where it is located and a part number? I looked a little on ebay but I do not know what one it is.

    Thanks, Thomas

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    It's right inside the rear wall of your rear storage compartment. I took the number right off the old one when I did mine last year. It's an atwood something or other. It was real cheap in a buy it now on ebay. If you can't find a number just let me know and I'll try to find it. Be sure to order some of the hose too and get some zip ties. You're bound to need to replace some of the stock hose. Check all the vent hoses up front too before you order so you get enough to fix everything at once. If you have zip ties that are too short you can just zip them together and make longer ones. Replacing the blower is a pretty easy job. If you run into any problems just post them back up here.
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