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    Well, got mine on the water today with the new thermostat and I am back in business, engine cooling is back to normal.

    Now, I just need to find the loose connection going to the Oil Pressure Switch/Sensor, can someone tell me which side of the engine this is located?

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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    Glad to hear you're up and running again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gcnettl View Post
    Ok, so you changed the impeller, to no avail.

    Your thermostat could be not opening, or not operating properly.

    If you take the outlet hose off of the impeller housing, while your boat is in the water, and then crank up, it should throw some water out of that outlet.

    While running, do you notice any play in your water pump? That is a good bit of hours on one water pump. It could be not pumping well after this time.

    It really sounds like the thermostat or the water pump.
    I've had a lot of trouble with my thermostat on the same engine (replaced it 3 times) but, when it goes it opens up meaning you cannot get the engine to heat up b/c cold water keeps rushing through the water jackets.

    check with the folks at Discount Inboard marine, LLC ( -- they are awesome.

    Good luck
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    I took the water pump off and it looked good. The thing is pretty simple, it's like an impeller but has a metal cage on it. It appeared to be fine. Not sure where to go from here. Maybe I'll just make sure all the lines are clear. Hopefully I can figure this out before the season is over.

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