So i decided to do a home made wrap. What do you guys think? Great work.

Ok so i am taking a long trip tomorrow and decided to wrap my boat since there is a lot of road work going on between my house and the lake i am going too. I have a few helpful hints for anyone else that wants to try this.

1) You need two people. It takes a long time and a few beers with just one person.

2) srink wrap will not stick to what you want it too stick too and will stick to things you do not want it too stick too. Hince the reason for number one.

3) you might like having a spare tire but it is a pain to srink wrap around. Please see item number two for the reason.

4) use a stick to help roll the swrink wrap out.

5) remove stick before trying to put swrink wrap under boat.

6) you might want to remove the guide poles or risk the swrink wrap getting stuck between the boat and the poles.

I really wish i had a video camera because this would have been funny to watch if it was not me doing it.

I have not taken it on the road yet so i will let you know when i get back how well it worked out or if i end up on the side of the road taking it off.

Sorry for the bad photos but only had my cell phone on me