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    I just picked up my 2004 XLV. I ordered it with the tower speakers, sub, and amp. The sound is not as good as i would have expected. I am think it may be due the config. The amp is a 650 watt 4 channel amp. I am not sure what the amp is pushing. According to the manual the amp can act as 2 amps which means i can configure the channels differently. What I am wondering is: Should i buy 1 more set of tower speakers and use the amp i have to push those, then by a less wattage amp to push the sub and use just the deck to push the boat speakers. I guess I am looking for the best configuration. Any feedback would be helpfull

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    I would recommend visiting a local stereo shop. Those guys can give you the best advice.
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    What exactly to you mean when you say it isn't as good as you expected? Just not loud enough or the sound quality isn't that good? It could be that you just need to do some adjusting on the gain levels and settings of the amp.

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