Brain rinse. Do you have the BEP vsr relay?

Razz, Here is some additional info. let me know you thoughts on this switch

The 714-100A uses our dual sensing VSR (710-100A-DS).
A welcome addition to the 701-selector switch it ensures you
will always have a fully charged reserve battery.
When the switch is in position 1 it becomes the sensing battery
for the VSR. Battery 2, which is in isolation, will be charged via
the VSR when the engine is running and battery 1 (the sensed
battery) voltage reaches 13.7 Volts, ensuring the isolated battery
is always fully charged.
When the switch is in battery 2 position this becomes the
sensing battery and battery 1 is charged via the VSR.
When the engine is stopped the battery voltages return to normal
levels, disengaging the VSR, and separating the two batteries.
The fact that there is always a fully charged battery in reserve is
a huge safety factor.

Please note: With this system the electronic loads are run off the
same battery as the engine starting, which can be a