I have been reading the boards but have not really found a good answer yet.
Here is the deal, I want to upgrade from a stock gravity I to a gravity III or higher setup. My use is strickly for wakeboarding and would prefer to keep everything integrated with no sacks sitting on the floor.
I understand that most people feel that 750's (even with an integrated bow sack) is too much for the LSV so I am kind of ruling that out.
Looking at three possible setups (by the way I do not have a wake plate but I would consider installing one if recommended to do so) :
1.400's with no bow sack.
2. 400's with integrated bow sack.
3. 565's with integrated bow sack.

Does anybody know why the 565's are so much more expensive than the
400's and even the 750's? What am I missing?
Are the ballast puppies worth the extra cash?
Who sells the programmable timer for the switches?
Any help would be very appreciated.