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    Default fiberglass scratches

    I got some minor scratches on the Transom of my boat from wakeboards hitting it. Does anyone no of a good way to get these scratches out?

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    Keaton, the dealer will fix 'em when you trade up to a '05 model. (just kidding). The scratch depth is going to be key in the repair job. If the scratches are just deep enough to hang a fingernail, and have color in the scrarch, sanding with a 1000-1200 grit sandpaper, buffing and polishing should do the trick. However, if the sratch is deep,(jagged edged and white in color), may require some filling with gelcoat, sanded buffed and polished. Some people have experience in doing this on thier own, and do a pretty good job. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these procedures, wait until the boat is put up for winter, and have the dealer repair them. Chances are there will be more added this summer. Don't lose precious ski time with a boat in the shop for a few weeks, when it can be done in the winter/fall when not being used and ready to go next spring, looking like new. Poop happens, dock rash, ski dings, lake trash. I wouldn't worry if it is a cosmetic issue. If you should have a structural issue, this would need to be addressed immediately. Have fun with your boat on the water, not in the shop. Brian Raymond

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    There is also the poor mans solution - several light coats of matching fingernail polish.
    This was recommended to me by a serice tech for a small ding on the top. Still looking for the perfect color match but it has been pretty durable.

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