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    Default Anyone Have any Experience with a LF Custom Thruster

    Hey guys I just bought a board for the family to use and I picked up a Liquid Force Custom Thruster from my local dealer Active Water Sports. Hold your curser over the Custom Thruster link and it will show the board

    I have not had a chance to ride this board and I am still a little gun shy since I found out that Liquid Force does not warranty the "Custom" line of boards. The board was about 4 bills.

    Most of the surfing in my family will be my wife and children. I will surf some but I still would rather ride my Ronix One. I picked the Custom Thruster because it should be a lot of fun for my wife and kids once they get the hang of it. My wife picks things up fast and she is still a pretty good athete. One issue with our family is the size difference between me and the others. Me 6'4ish" 3 bills. Wife and kids 5' and well under a buck forty. We have an '07 LSV with the G III ballast.

    Did I make a good/poor choice? The board is pristine, not ridden, and I can still return it and pick up something else like a Liquid Force Venture. I did not want to get an entry level board and have the wife and kids progress to fast and not have a fun board for them. I did demo a React Classic this past weekend and it was fun but I am not ready to spend close to 6 bills on a new board yet. (Bruce and Newty, I will someday).

    Thanks for the advice/comments.

    P.S. How fragile are the custom style, fiberglass epoxy, boards?

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    Thanks Salty and Ed, I will try and get a nose guard this weekend while I am at the coast. We are staying right on the beach and within walking distance of a couple of surf shops.

    Salty, the Thruster is a 3 fin board and I will leave all 3 fins on when we begin.

    I guess with a Custom type of board some damage of the board is to be expected with normal use. I am sure I will get a chance to learn the fundamentals of epoxy application and finishing.

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