So I have let my adapter for my trailer on the back of my rig about 4 times now and lots one. Since my boatmate trailer has a flat 5 and my tow rig has a RV round 7 I have an adapter. Well I have decided to wire up a fixed RV round 7 so I will not have to worry about losing another one.

So first off my trailer came with a rig side flat 5 so I just used this. I went to Autozone and picked up a RV round 7, and black tubing for the cables. I also picked up a flat 2 for the reverse break release that you will see in the Pic’s but after playing with the lights today I no longer need.

More or less what I will end up doing is keeping the flat 5 on the trailer and plugging my adapter into this and putting the extra wire in the tong of the trailer.

My first idea was to plug into the flat 4 that is inside the swing away tong but that will only give you the right side of the trailer lights. So instead of cutting wires and putting everything back together I just made the adapter and plugged it into the flat 5 that is already on the trailer. I will have finished pics when i am finished next week.