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    Thanks everyone for you well wishes and concerns!!!
    Zachary is doing great! They had to go in behind his ear and put a skin graft on the drum to help it heal. The doctor calls it a ear drum bandaid. We have one of the best doctors in town who did the surgery but he is one of the worst doctors in town with bedside manners. After the surgery we had a list of questions, for example how long must we wait. So we are in the recovery room waiting for him to show up and he never did!!! We asked the nurses about him and they said he never visits the parents or patient after surgery. Well Mrs. Z and I were Pissed Off!!! Zach does goes back to the doctors office on Thursday so we will then address our questions with the Doctor then.
    On a good note!!!! The LS in now sitting in the boat lift. We took the our daughter knee boarding (of course it isn't time for me or Mrs. Z to get in the water yet, too cold) and then pulled the LS into the lift and hoisted her up. She ran great and she looks so good sitting in the lift ready for the next time! We had a very strange sighting though while out on the lake!!! Someone saw our boat last year and apparently went and bought an Outback that LOOKS just like our LS. The Brittnany Blue and tower and all!!! See we helped Moomba sell a boat. I wasn't able to run them down to speak to them (Eliza was kneeboarding which see can do for Hours!) but next time I see them I will meet them and find out where they got it. I will see if they are on the boards too.
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