Ok, I know that I have posted this issues before but that was long time ago...

Anyway, the perfect pass I have is called WakeboardPro by PerfectPass - DBW (Drive By Wire). Version 6.5NG

Ok, I had original one that worked just perfect until the LCD Screen went out. So I had it swapped out under warranty and got the new one that I just described above.

Ever since then, my current PP wouldn't let me take control of my throttle like if I need to increase more than the speed that I have set. It kinda goes like this... I set it at 22 but it will not let me, it's more of engaging then disengaging then engaging then disengaging. it takes forever for PP to take over. As I recall that my old PP never had problem and always allowed me to take over the speed then assist the PP it until it takes over easily but I was still allowed to increase the speed if needed.

Then I upgraded my ballast system to more than 3000 lbs. The issues has got worse, me and my buddy have been trying to play with NN and KDW. It didn't really help. KDW is currently set at 215 while NN is set at 70. That doesn't make any sense to me but that's the best thing I can do for now. I probably will have to increase CS as well and probably need to adjust KDW and NN back to where it was after I increase CS. Does that make any sense? I am not pro at this Perfect Pass but I do KNOW how it's suppose to work.

I have read through my manual and found that there is actually something called "Throttle Override ON/OFF." I think this may be the answer to my problem with PP BUT I don't remember seeing this in my PP setting when playing with it. So, can anyone tell me where I can find it? Maybe it's inside the wiring section where there's switch for it?? HELP, it's driving me crazy!