I am currently a Mobius 2002 owner and have a friend that has been looking for a boat for some time. I have been describing the moomba as the best boat for you buck in regards to the water sports he engages in. He recently went to a boat show and made a deal with a local dealer who has later backed out of the arangement and left him VERY disatisfied (FYI...I have had nothing but great service from the dealer he worked with) and not really wanting to deal with purchasing a boat now. He has a older Bayliner (17ft I think) he was trying to trade in and that was the hanging point in the arrangement. He is looking to get into a 2004 LSV and would like options like depth finder and such installed. We are located in Northwest Arkansas and willing to travel. Please help me make this guy a believer. He is willing to work to get something done in time for the beginning of the season.