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Thread: Ballast Upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by tazz3069 View Post
    I can't wait either. It's been raining here like crazy.
    IF it does not stop raining here in AL I think I may be able to float the boat out of the garage instead of pulling it on the trailer.
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    Jesse, good to see your still around
    Hey, Its Moomba time

    Its all about the dash - enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates
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    Quote Originally Posted by ausbill32 View Post
    McMoomba, you wanna come to Austin and do my ballast for me? I just purchased the boat used and it only has the center bag. What do you think the total cost was? Dealer quoted me about 1800 to install rear ballast including parts.
    ausbill32, I will be glad to give you ll the info, aside from the bags I think it only cost around $300

    You can get most of the fittings, hose ect. you need at lowes/home depot, here.
    and here

    Good luck..

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