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    I need to get a fish finder for my LSV. I know it is a tournament boat and fishing is for those other people. Well I am one of those other people that has a happens to have tournament boat that has a grill on it as well. Oh did I mention the porta-potty.

    My children, and me too. love to find a nice spot to anchor and fish while the wife reads. We enjoy nailing small mouth bass and trout. We don't plan to troll since that would take about 6 buckets hanging off the back to get enough drag to get the speed right and I am not that much of one of those other people. I am leaning towards a very small fish finder and possibly even a portable unit that you hang over the edge while stopped and then you put it away. I like the idea of a portable unit since I won't have to drill and mount a transducer and head unit on my boat. One nice thing about some of the fixed units is Hummingbird makes a smaller screened fixed unit that is color with GPS built in. I would like the fact that I could validate my speeds with the GPS and also know the water temp.

    I know there have been a few posts on this subject before but I could not find them. I also know that pre-Martha Ed used a portable unit if I am not mistaken.

    Your feedback/suggestions (don't tell me to buy a pontoon boat) would be appriciated and any pictures you have of your fish finders in your boats would be helpful. ( if you are to ashamed to post your fish finder mod on the public forum send me a pm)

    Thanks from the Head Chef on the Grillobius.

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    I had one of these on my old boat for the depth finder. Picked it up at Academy for $70 and it has an option to mount inside the hull or use suction cup for rear mount. I do miss the water-temp gauge on it.

    2008 Outback V

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    Ed has been drinking cus you sir have lost your mind!

    A grill? OMG Next you'll be rigging a sail to the tower for windy days.

    If you just will not buy a second boat (I have a Lund 18 Alaskan with a 40 4 stroke), Lorance has a black and white grey scale x95 for $200, the transducer can be mounted through hull (not bolted on the back).

    If you find the right repo auction you can steal a fishing boat right now. They are everywhere.


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    I had a nice Garmin Dual Frequency on our old MasterCraft and I am kicking myself for selling it with the boat. It was good for:
    1. The depth and what was on the bottom you could hit (cypress stumps)
    2. The fish of course
    3. Monster fish that could be alligators
    4. The water temperature.

    If I get another one I will remove the thru hull transducer for the depth finder in there now and get another Garmin with the thru hole transducer and put it in the same mount.

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