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    Default Tampa area skiing/boarding

    I will be in the Tampa/Lutz area for a few days this week and weekend (25-29 Dec). If you need a driver, observer, skier, or boarder in your boat, please let me know.

    We will be going back before New Year's so we won't be able to ride with you then.

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    We will be have a late Christmas with parents from out of town on saturday and sunday.
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    We went over to the Orlando Watersports Complex today and had a blast. We spent a couple hours riding the cable and then a couple hours in the boat with Tarah Benzel. Great coaches and setup. Highly recommended, we'll be going back for more this week.

    Merry Christmas!


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    Hey Scott, cool you got to go. I hope you found our info acurate. Did you check out the minni cross track in the back?

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    Reese350 Guest


    Yeah, I appreciated everyones direction on the cable park. My kids are already trying to figure out how/when we can make it back down. They started trampoline classes as soon as we got back to MI.

    What's the mini cross park? I guess we missed that?!?!

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    Sled491 Guest


    Maybe it has been dismantled, but if you looked out the back door of the clubhouse directly away from the water you would be looking right at it.

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    We were mesmerized with the water since it's been a while since we've seen any unfrozen around here so maybe I just missed it. My 7 year old ended up taking the ramps and landing them after the first day. That place rocks!

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