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    Default I think its a deal

    A guy I met at a garage sale has a 2000 Boomerang he needs to get rid of FAST! The boat only has 54 hours on it. Thats right 54. I checked the boat out as far as condition and only saw that the hull has dock scratches and the prop has hit a rock or big deal. I have never owned a Moomba. He said he would sell the boat/trailer for $13,500. Could someone who knows the value of this boat let me know if this is a deal or not.....Im ready to buy.
    (im in California if that makes a difference in price).
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    Check here:

    for compariably priced boats and see what you can get

    It depends on what you want to do with the boat, it would be a good ski boat.

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    Default boomerang

    Hello Powerstroke,
    The fact that the boat has touched the bottom suggests the owner has been a little careless or unlucky. Check the fin, strut and rudder areas for damage or repair. There have been two (older) Boomerangs on Ebay. One had hit hard enough to drive the fin through the bottom. The other had been underwater. So these things do happen.
    If it all checks out and you like the layout of the boat then I would say it is a fair price. Keep in mind that it is and older design despite being a 2000 model. The industry has moved on alot in the last few years. As noneya says, it is primarily a ski boat. If you want more wake, there are other designs that may suit you better.
    I debated the purchse of my Boomerang for quite some time. No regrets. It has been great.

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