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    Default Bilge pump

    I changed the black box a couple months ago and dont know if htis is related. My bilge pump runs continuously at the low setting. When i put hte float up, then it goes to hi speed. What would cause my bilge to continuously run?????

    Is it possible to get electical schmatics for my boat????

    Second question, what does it take to replace the seal on teh shaft??? i have had immense problems withleakage, even after adjusting the seal to a couple drips ( 10-15) per mi nute. I run it for 10 minutes and it leaks alot. I have adjusted it at least 7 times. It continueally gets out of adjustement

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    Default shaft leakage

    back the jam nut off then loosen the main nut and place wax rope in and around the shaft, retighten the main nut snug with your hand, then an additional 1/4 of a turn and tighten the jam nut.

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