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    Default Boomerang Windshield

    I have a 97 Boomerang and the plexiglass is becoming "cloudy" and hard to see through. I saw another boomerang that looked like it has a framed glass windshield. Will it work on mine and if so what mods needed and where do I get it?

    1997 Boomerang
    SF Bay Area

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    Default Ebay Bound

    Actually I saw a Boomerang windshield up for bid just a couple days ago. It was not completely framed so it might be just what you are looking for? Typed in "Moomba" to get results. Happy hunting.

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    The framed boomerang windshield will work on your boat no problem. It can be ordered through your local dealer. You can install it yourself, but it is a little tricky. I would have the local dealer install it for you. Happy Boating, Jay Warren

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    Default windsheild

    What is the cost of a new replacement windsheild?

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