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    I've never wakesurfed in my life, have no idea what board to try. I have read alot of ya'lls posts on weighting the boat though Anyways, I know I'll like it once I experiment with the sport. I'm thinking of buying the Mojo along with a FAE. Would this be a good board to start and even grow with? The difficult thing for me is, I'm not the only one going to be riding this board so I'm kinda looking for a board that can do it all. The info I read about the Mojo on their website looked promising on the different fins and all. Does anyone one a Mojo and how is it working for you? I also saw a Liquid Force Venture down at our local sports store, which one do you think I should go with? Thanks guys


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    Personally, I'd wait on the FAE to make sure you like surfing. You'll most likely end up buying one eventually, but I think you can get by without it for a while. Ballast is probably more important imo.

    I'm happy with my Hyperlite Broadcast board. It was cheap and seems easy enough. I've never ridden the others though.

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