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    Default Drive and play installation

    I know I have seen a few boats on here w/a drive and play. The one I rem had the screen by the window and the knob by the throttle. My question is were did you mount the brain for the drive and play? I wanted to mount mine close to the radio so I can use the wired FM transmitter but I dont think the cables for the display and control knob will reach that far,,but if I mount the brain under the dash the wired transmitter will not reach the radio? Any help would be awesome. Thanks all

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    Default Drive and Play

    Geoffrey, I have mounted the headunit under the dash (pics will follow) and I have extented the audiocable and connected a jack 3.5 plug.
    drilled a little hole in the dash near the radio for connecting the jack in the front of the radio, it works super.

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