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    Default Hour Meter on 1997 Bommerang

    I am looking at a'97 Boomerang on the web and the current owner is telling me that there is no hour meter. Is this possible. I have never seen a Waterski boat without one. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Default hourmeter on boomerang

    No it's true.. my 98 Boomerang doenst have one either. I am guessing based on my use (about 120 - 150 hrs) which is based on tanks of fuel and time/ days on the water and the previous owners use and the shape of my boat and engine that i have around 250-300 hrs boomerang that is for sale. shoul dbe getting it soon.

    I called moomba and they said it didnt come with one.. and I could have added one and mounted in the engine compartment but it wouldnt really do much for resale because unless it is part of a tachometer like the new ones are, anyone can replace an hr meter and misrepresent the boat. and even if it is part of the tach, those are easy to replace too. so its better to judge a boat but its appearance, and engine, if you take care of them like I do and maintain them, they will last a long time.
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