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    Default "92" Boomerang Cover

    Just got a 1992 Boomerang from a ski school in So. Maine. It measures 19 feet and is dead stock. The boat will be docked in the water all summer out in the open. I'm looking for a cover that is is on the higher end for quality with a good fit. It looks like there are a number of aftermarket covers in the $200 price range that are good quality but it's hard to assess fit. Anyone have good luck with a nice fitting cover ?

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    Default cover

    You bet! Check out Westland Industries. I replaced my factory cover this spring with one of theres and couldn't be happier. I went for a little more and got Sunbrella and it sheds water like a duck. The cutouts for the tower are spot on and seal well. I dropped $500, which is steep, by I don't worry any more about the cover blowing off during the week and letting everything,especially rain, in. I placed my order through They encourage you to call Westland with tech questions. I don't believe the manufacturer sells direct.
    My guess is a cover for your boat would be less $, as it takes less material.


    What's your location? We're in Shapleigh, Me, just outside Sanford.

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