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    Default Trailer problem

    Wanted to wait until I got this resolved in order to let all parties have a chance to address it without me ranting.

    Middle of September I went to pull my 06 Outback V out of dry storage and the trailer fender was sitting on the tire. It is a single axle trailer and after jacking it up a few times I realized that the torsion bar inside the axle must be damaged. Odd because I used the boat the previous weekend and backed it into the storage w/o issue so it collapsed over a week's time just sitting in storage...

    I immediately call my dealer, Memphis Boat Center, and the owner calls me back from the lake himself within 20 minutes. The trailer was 16 mos old, on a 12 month warranty but everyone from the dealer, to Skiers Choice, to Boatmate, has gone the extra mile in order to get this resolved. The trailer and boat are back in storage and waiting for another 100 hours next summer. I am very impressed with the support I received and will probably be a customer for life.

    Not that many success stories on here, just wanted to share one.

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    Glad to hear it. Truth be told we have found the customer service to be just awsum. Would like to depend on it a little less but all in all zero...nada, no complaints. Our next boat will be a Moomba as well.

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