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    Default Wakeboarding in the Richmond area??

    Looks like my job may move us to the Richmond area. Anybody know they lay of the land there? Is there anywhere to ride?

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    Claytor Lake, VA


    Check out Lake Anna.

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    I live in the Richmond area. We ride on several of the local lakes and rivers. Please feel free to contact me any time.

    Pete Tatro

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    I just relocated to the Richmond, VA area to. I have been in the James River a few times. The only problem with the James is the guy with the red/black malibu. He likes to play chicken with his dad's boat and yours during launch and load.

    I tried lake Chesdin, but is was really really low, so I did not enter. However, Kerr Lake in North Carolina is awesome - over 75 feet deep.

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    Check out for all things wake in the mid-Atlantic region and surrounding areas.

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