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    Default Moomba Model

    After looking at all there is I've decided on a Moomba. Now the question, which model? My family 4,7,40 and 42 we have 4 PWC we love to fish, ski and pull tubes(no boarders yet). We always have a lot of company. I'm looking for suggestions and input for engine selection.

    Thanks In Advance
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    Default Mobius LSV

    Look into the Mobius LSV for lots of room and the greatest wake adjustment possible. I have the ballast sytem in mine and for wakeboarding it is the greatest. For slalom skiing just flick the switch and dumping the ballast takes just minutes. I had 10 people in the boat this summer and had lots of room to move around! It has been awsome!
    If you are interested I know a dealer that has a new 2002 just like mine at a dirt cheap price!!
    If you want more info contact me:

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