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    Iīm really happy with my new LSV 2007, it is a little baby of 17 hours.

    Everything is working well but the day before yesterday it started to have problems with the perfect pass, when I turn the perfect pass on the boat canīt go over 1000 rpm.

    The perfect pass is well configured, I tried to change from Wake mode to RPM mode, I made a reset of it, I tried to disconect the perfect pass conections (engine connector and electric connector) which are under the display and the problems still going.

    It seems to be some mechanical problem but I donīt know what could be the problem.

    I hope it will be easy to solve, has anydody have that problem anytime?

    Thak you very much.

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    I also have problems with my perfect pass althought differnet than yours. When I took my boat in for its 20 hr check they found a wire missing or not connected from the factory, still having set up problems but it was a start.

    Have someone check it out ASAP

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    definitely call the factory. sounds like the throttle cable is hanging up or the wind up device has too much slack. My guess is that the problem is around the throttle cable connection to the PP but you need an expert to make sure you don't mess it up. Good luck

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    check to make sure the throttle cable is not trapped under the flame arrestor hood. this was the case on my '06.

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    Check to make sure that the wiring connector at the PP control unit (attached to a cooling system hose towards the back of the engine and visible from the top) did not get disconnected. This happened to my 06 during the test drive, and was later discovered that the wiring connector had come loose.

    2006 Mobius LSV

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