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    Default Speedo not working

    Brian, About 3 weeks ago my speedo quit working. I ordered a new speedo from Moomba and installed this weekend and I still do not have any needle movement. Any ideas? I have power to the unit as the light works and everything else checks out. Maybe the paddle wheel sending unit?

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    Default Damn Speedos

    Dan, it is more than likely to be the transom mounted paddle wheel. To verify this, it can be checked on the backside of the speedo with a volt meter. For reference, the bare wire is ground, the blue wire is pos. and the blk. war(Tn. slang for wire) is the signal war. With the key in the on pos. not crank, and having someone spin the paddle wheel by finger, with the neg. lead of the meter on gnd., and the pos. on the blk. war, you should get a reading of 2-6volts. If not, more than likely a paddle wheel replacement. If this is needed, I suggest updating to the thru-hull paddle wheel. It is more accurate at speeds(when turning) and is adaptable to Perfect Pass, for late installation. Hope it helps, keep me posted. Brian Raymond

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