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    Default Connelly FX - LOST!!!


    Unbelieveable...spent the weekend at Lake Pueblo. Let my buddy keep it an extra day since they were staying on and they lost it!!! Only got three rides on it since dialing it in. Spent months watching Craigslist to find the right deal and now I'm back to square one. So, once again I'm in need of some advice...

    1. Any suggestions on a comparable ski that is also affordable? I got the old one w stoker high wrap and rear toe plate for $200. Really don't want to drop $500 on a ski right now since I am still intermediate at best.

    2. Size: The FX was a 68. I'm 200lbs and 6' tall. Thinking I should go 70 this time? I now ski between 28-30mph w/ 10 off. The FX comes in 68 and 70 only..I may just get another FX but can't decide on size. Any advice here? Thining a 69 would be perfect (of course since it isn't avail in this ski) If I go with another FX, is it better to go a little smaller (6 or a little bigger (70)?

    3. Here's a few I was thinking about: Connelly FX (68 or 70), HO Mach 1 (size?), HO charger (69). Whaddya' think?

    4. Bindings: Stoker, Wileys, animal, other??? Really appreciate advice here as I liked the Stoker but have nothing to compare it to. Seems like everyone loves the Wiley's.

    Thanks (again)...

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    Try Wiley's in Seattle and perhaps they can match the ski and bindings if you liked the ski or they can suggest something else. A lesson you already know now is not to lend your gear to others. When people come wakeboarding or skiing, I tell them to bring their own gear, beer, music and gas money. I will let people in my boat demo my stuff if they are looking to buy but everything comes home with me. I put enough wear and tear on my equipment that I don't need any help. Wish you the best because you've been jazzed with the skiing thing which is really cool.

    I see Barts has a sale price on the 68" FX but you may need to call them to get the front full wrap.

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    Hey zabooda~ Thanks man...You know it's hard when you're hangin' out having a brew, tied up to your buddies boat and his hot Wife asks if she can try it out. Whaddya' gonna say? Then they come back and I assume it's in their locker when they ask to keep it another day, only to find out the next morning they don't have it. I assume they laid it on the swim deck of their (now cursed) Mastercraft and were too busy finding a towel and getting the heater tube to notice the ski quietly sliding off the back when they hit the gas. Sad...

    On a positive note, that link you sent me is the exact same ski I lost, sans the Stoker binding.

    Tell me, do you think a 68" is OK in that ski for my height/weight? I can get an '06 70" for about the same price.

    Also, any input on those bindings vs the Stoker? I'm thinking about letting them off the hook and saying just get me that ski as-is and we'll call it good (since they are very, very good friends) and not making them buy me the stokers. Are the Stokers really that much better and why?

    Grateful as always!

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    I am 6'3", 230 lbs and I love my 70" Connelly Hook. It is a 2004 that I got on eBay at the end of 2005. It was brand new from a dealer in CO, and I only paid $175 with shipping. It came with Stoker front and RTP. I replace the RTP with the Stoker rear boot. It is a really good beginner through early advanced ski. I will ski it until I am good enough to use an F1.
    I also really like the Mach 1, and my daughter really likes her Esprit (Mach 1 with girly graphics). I demoed a charger and I hated it. I guess I'm really not a fan of the shaped ski.
    Sorry to hear about losing the ski, but now you have an excuse to keep looking.

    Good luck,

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    Quick update...I let him off the hook with the standard FX bindings on the Bart's deal (thanks again Zabooda). Figure they will be good enough until I get good enough to know the difference. Anyone ever use them and have any input? Figure if I don't outgrow the ski then I will upgrade to a nice set of double high wraps over the winter when they start closing out the '06 gear. Live and learn. Seems that is always the case when it comes to boats and water sports

    ps-posted in the classifieds looking for a used set of bindings in case anyone is looking to upgrade?


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    Go To Adrelaline Watersports! They always have the best deals! They ship anywhere and are very helpful too!

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    As mentioned above a couple times try adrenaline watersports and check out the clearance section for sure.I ski a 68 triumph Ho double venoms and love it . I'm 6'5'' 210 and have tryed a few of the skis listed above as well. One thing not really mentioned is if you go all out high performance you really need to ski all out or you can and probably will get into trouble sooner or later. Lots of choices or go with what you had. Have Fun.

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