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    Default Heath Exchanger Gasket leaking

    It seems that the lower gasket on my heat exchanger has started leaking. I tried one trick I saw online and pulled it off, flipped it over and put the end cap back on. I need to see if I maybe put it on too tight, but I am still getting leaking out of it. The gasket itself didnít look to be in bad shape, just a little deformation on it in the areas that donít contact the cross bars (not sure what they are called) and it seemed pliable and not cracked.

    I tried to find a new gasket, but the only place I could find the engine diagrams was on the Indmar AU website, and they list the part as a 6Ē heat exchanger gasket (part number 1977222, listed on the diagram as 277.2 - There is no way this is a 6Ē wide part, but even then, the one listed on the Indmar AU site doesnít have the hole through it for the drain plug.

    Anyone have any suggestions for what to look for on the end cap or gasket for why itís still leaking? Note that the engine temps are solid, generally running right at 165 or so. So the exchanger is getting enough water. Itís just that the bilge pump has to run every so often to pump water. Flipping the gasket and reseating it seemed to have helped reduce the amount of water, but Iím still getting enough that the bilge has to run every so often.
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    Maybe apply a thin smear of RTV on it and then put it back on?

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