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    Default Improved Oil Change for 2016 Craz 400 Raptor Engine

    For you folks doing your own oil changes I had an epiphany today! I have done my oil changes since new with a West Marine suction pump and a thin tube in the dipstick hole. I was careful to make sure the tube bottomed out in the dipstick tube. I was able to suck out 6 qts. of oil. As I read around this forum others were claiming capacity was 8 qts. I wish I could give the fella credit who posted this on this forum, I could not find the original thread. I routed the factory oil drain tube through the rear transom drain hole. A 1/4” female air hose fitting thread right onto the factory oil drain hose, after you remove the cap. One of the tubes provided with my Marine West suction pump fits right over the nipple on the air hose fitting. I pumped up my suction device and WOW, the oil came out in no time, MUCH quicker than the dipstick method. More importantly I got 8 qts out! Had to stop at 6, the capacity of my pump, dump it, and reconnect to get the last 2 qts out. It actually looked like 7 3/4 qts, but with replacing the filter I figure 8 qts is about right. So for 7 winterizations I have been removing 6 of 8 qts! At least I got 3/4 of the old oil out. But getting 8 feels great! I wish I could give the guy that posted this idea credit but as much as I appreciate this forum the organization lacks.

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    Thanks tylerrnemt ! I finally found his post, wanted to give him credit!

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    Just a bit of advice.....don't put a suction tube down the dip stick tube!!!! I did it years ago and somehow the suction tube got caught and I was not able to get it out. It can get caught on a "lip or ledge" at the bottom I guess.

    Since then, I run the engine for a minute to get the oil warm, run the factory drain hose out the back of the boat, hook up a small pump to my drill and attach the hose from the drill pump to the factory hose. Turn on the drill and the oil gets suction out in a minute or two. Very easy.
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    I saw that method on a video a few years back. I think it was wake man video when he had a Malibu with raptor engine. I like that idea better than suction dipstick method. Good post!
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    I was never a fan of the dip stick approach.

    Bought a 12v sprayer pump and mounted it on a bucket that is big enough to hold all the oil.

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    I prefer the method I described above for 2 reasons. It’s quick and drains the full capacity. I have used the dipstick tube method on my last two boats and my Jet skis and never had a problem (except it’s SLOW). Not sure how people are getting the tube stuck?

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    I have been doing the 1/4" air fitting method since I bought my Mojo. I use an manual pump oil extractor that holds 9.5qts. I run the boat to temp, open the fill port and pull the dipstick to allow air in the engine, and pump the extractor. Works like a charm.

    I have a spin on Filter verses the new cartridge style. For this I use aluminum foil liners from treager grill catch can. It fits over the Filter with room to spare and bend to get in position. Spin the Filter off, catch it in the foil liner, catch any oil, wipe the surface clean and no oil in the bilge. The filter being gone gives easy access to the exchanger drain plug also.
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    Glad you figured this out, the raptor drain hose is awesome combined with the extractor pump.

    Warm oil is key and using just gravity method is far too slow.

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    Funny, the Mother of invention & all. After having just experienced what has to be a 1 in a million chance of having a fitting bust, I had to devise a way to drain the oil cold since I couldn't take the boat out. Oh, AND the water that somehow managed to find its way into the one hole where the aforementioned fitting once lived. I tried all sorts of things including the drill pump & trying to blow it out with air compressor. I even made an attachment to fit a ShopVac hose, to try & suck it out. Yeah, that resulted in a gigantic mess. Finally, I, too, found that the hand siphon pump tube does indeed fit into the drain line perfectly & after a couple of hours of pumping finally came out on top!

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