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    From an electrical standpoint, you will need to wire in the new power harness for the 770 and then run a new 2-chnl to the in-boat speaker amp and change the input mode on the amp.

    Physically, then 70 is more rectangle and wider and the 770 is more square and narrower. So some fabrication is likely required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckeye View Post
    So, how hard is it to switch out a 70 for a 770. I'm looking because I have no zone control for the front. My cabin and front speakers run off one channel / amp. my towers and sub of the other amp. But I do not have the ability with the 70 to have separate volume control for the front vs the cabin. Does this make sense? other possible solutions?
    You can get the 70 to do zone control but it is a total pain.
    I had mine for cabin, bow, and sub on zone 1 and tower on zone 2. I then had to adjust gain to make the bow and cabin match. I was also able to use fade left and right with this setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnrw View Post
    If anybody is interested, I've updated the plate via CAD to accept the larger RA-770 radio. 3D printing one now to test fit, etc.
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    Nicely done!

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    Did this fit and work? I would definitely be interested
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