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    Default Gator Step Replacement

    We had a delamination spot in the main floor panel of gator step which drove me crazy the last year and half. Well we decided to tackle replacing it this year which was a year too late because apparently if I would have tried when the bubble started it would have been covered under warranty. Instead Iím out $1600+ on new flooring.

    Anyways this is a chore, pulling up all the gator step for the whole interior. I got all the floor pieces up today and now im starting on the process of removing all the residue. This is going to take longer than I anticipated.

    We were told by gatorstep that we need to do all the floor for the color to match due to sun fading, it seems the stuff on the textured panels is much easier to get up than the stuff that is on the smooth gel coat.

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    Wonder if a wall paper steamer would help loosen the adhesive.
    Might be worth a shot.

    Not sure if leaving it the sun for awhile would also help.
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    Been there done that. I broke my project into sections so it did not get me frustrated.

    Lots and lots of rags, razors and/or plastic scraper, acetone, and that 3M adhesive.

    Even tired WD40, not it sure that helped to get all those little glue boogers removed.

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    Man! I replaced the small footpads and rear boarding platform on a jetski a few years ago. I couldn't imagine having to do a whole boat floor. I am crying and cussing for you just looking at that!

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