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    Quote Originally Posted by larry_arizona View Post
    False, its not a GM block. Mercruiser made their own engine.

    Its a 6.2 liter v8 block that shares rods,pistons with their 4.5 liter V6.

    4.0 bore and 3.75 stroke

    GM 6.2l is 4.065 bore and 3.66 stroke

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    I was referring to the Volvo block.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry_arizona View Post
    Or Mercruiser goggles as they are neither ford or Chevy.
    true but the mercruiser is a chevy knockoff. I know it's "different" but after using chevy products for years and years, they knew enough where to start and changed the bore/stoke enough to avoid patent lawsuits and removed all the emissions/direct injection crap that's not needed. guessing it also made them more profit not paying gm upcharge for blocks anymore.
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