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    Quote Originally Posted by SONIC View Post
    Fair point, most people just come to that realization before they buy the 200k boat ;D
    I rarely see people go backwards down the boat ladder.
    Makes for a good used boat, not necessarily a good price for a used boat.

    2yo Supra SL with 80-100 hours is just getting broken in.

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    got an email from prestige today. 5 months later she's still for sale now sans tribal logo on the side. probably the first sign as someone called out in the boat show thread that high end barges still selling well likely to affluent buyers but the used/entry market is slowing. OI is over 4600 now for sale. that's within a few hundred of pre-2020 levels.
    price is only a few grand less than I got as a trade in '12. the last owners only put 250hrs in 10 years. if it was a launch22, I'd be tempted.........

    needs the large block supra letters in chrome on the side... that would sure dress it up.

    '06 Supra Launch 20SSV-gone but never forgotten

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    For sure! The first pic of it with the graphics looks much better to me.

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