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    I have a 2016 Moomba Mondo. I use it for wakeboarding, but have begun to try surfing. If anyone knows how to set up tanks, wake plate etc for surfing, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know. Thanks

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    I have a 16 mondo surf i am surfing it with wakemakers bagbuster 910 rear bags an extra 100lbs of lead up front and 400 lbs of lead in back that I move from side to side depending on surf side. As far as center platei like mine around 50-60% port tab @ 50% stbd tab @ 60% as base but I like mine @55% port and 60% stbd. We never have a big crew. Most days its just me and my wife and 2 small kids. If you can get a bunch of folks out with you with those same settings, you can move some lead to the bow and really get the wave longer. Our surf speed is 11.5 and it has helped our wave out with length.
    2016 moomba mondo surf edition
    Wm 910s
    500 lbs lead
    Indmar Raptor 400
    OJ 950 prop

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    Thank you!!

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    I have a 2018 Mondo. Wife drives, daughter (16) chills with my little chihuahua and little man (11) manages the rope when tossing it in. Here is what I use to surf without the rope (I’m 220lbs)
    Upgraded rear bags to wakemakers 910
    Speed: 10.2
    Center plate normally at 0
    Starboard plate: 65%
    Starboard bag 80%
    Port Bag 100%
    Front bag 65% (has hard tank and bow bag under front seats)

    With little adjustment(s) depending on the water conditions for the day. No lead
    2018 Moomba Mondo

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