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    Default Perfect Pass Upgrade Wakeboard Pro v6.5NG to Star Gazer

    Anyone done this move? I have my 2008 XLV. There are no real issues with the perfect pass. One day it did not display speed, but after a restart it was fine. It surges and has a slow take off at times, but if I hit the recalibrate button it seems to go back to going pretty strong.

    Are there any other benefits to making this upgrade? Anyone here done it? I reached out to Perfect pass and its $659 and they said its a plug and play deal.

    I will note the speedometer on the dash is out. I haven't had time to tackle that, but I cant see where that has an impact on either set up.
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    My stock perfect pass in mine 2009 supreme was flakey after a year or 2 Switched it over to the stargazer it worked great for 10 years straight

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    Just did the upgrade on my 06 mobius lsv two weeks ago. My perfect pass was the old paddle wheel style, so I also had to upgrade to drive by wire (splicing into the engine wire connection was scary!). I was starting to have the same issues with display going out and surging speed. Highly recommend this upgrade, especially if you are surfing. Gets up to speed and holds within .2 mph at all times.

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    I put StarGazer in about 12 years ago, new install, not replacing anything. Has worked almost flawlessly that whole time. Only issue I've had is a lag to pick up a GPS signal here and there. That lag can be just a minute or two up to 20 min. Seems like at the start of the season the first link up takes the longest.
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    Got everything up and going this weekend. It was as seamless as they described. GPS hooked on immediately. Speed was constant withing .2 mph, but usually dead on. Def a nice upgrade.
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    I put the basic perfect pass system on my boat probably 12 years ago and upgraded to star gazer like 2 years later. I had absolutely no issues with the system until this year. On a few occasions I have had the issue Berg mentioned w a delay in syncing to the satellite. Otherwise great capability. Use the rpm slalom and wakeboard modes all the time. I also run the magnet setup for the slalom course which is unbelievably accurate.

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