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    soo true.. I have said the same thing for years and all I get is bashed. WS hlcd drivers sound like $hit at close range and that's where most are at in a boating environment. the wakeboarder is the only one getting a decent sound with rev10's. I'd even argue they suck for surfers. MLA was pushing the kicker units to me a few years ago and after hearing them locally, they are 100x better than any WS pairings if your desire is hlcd's.

    heard the rev12's were coming for a year or so and interesting to see they made it. with all the push to surfing anymore and that every lake in the country is after boating for wakes/loud stereos, I can't believe that WS didn't release a 12 with a regular dome tweet. that would get plenty loud enough for surfers but not be "that guy" at the party cove/around the lake.
    Hear! Hear!
    (Or maybe you can't because of your Rev's )

    Depends on how they did the horn they may be just fine up close. The KMTC11 is perfectly fine even at close range.
    I hope WS took note and toned down the horn a bit for the new 12's. From the reviews I've seen I think they may have (but haven't heard them)
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    I have not heard the new 12HD yet, hope to have mine next week. I plan to leave my rev-10 up and then mock up the 12's on the bench and do an A/B before I pull the 10's down.

    The larger driver and larger pod alone would have improved the mid- to high balance, but they took further. This is not just a 2" larger Rev-10. Its all brand new inside and out.

    While some do find the Rev-8/10 still on the harsh side, the Rev series was a huge leap in sound quality from the original Pro series.

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    The new Wetsounds REV 12 HD tower speakers!

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    Excellent review, holy loud at 450feet

    That is one think I like about the JLís they drop off around 100 feet which is perfect

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