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    Hey guys, looking at a 2000 moomba boomerang project. Took on some water and was recovered roughly. It didn't submerge completely. It had a new crate engine and drive train prior, and was drain and ran after. Currently needs some Guage work, upholstery, fiberglass work and a windshield. What would you give for it ? Too far gone stay away? Places to go for parts?
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    Too much work for a lazy guy like me!

    If you're handy, could be a fun project.
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    Sunken boats can be an electrical nightmare. I was pass on this one myself but if your an electrical genius this might be for you.
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    I think it could be a fun project..but not worth more than $1000.
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    Call it a parts boat which can get restored. $500 and hard earned work. It's a great water ski boat in it's heyday. Also, many parts like windshield are almost impossible to find. Some things you can go without or improvise using parts that you can get.
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    unless you have an affinity for owning an actual boomerang, I'd look elsewhere. you have easily 10k into that boat in fiberglas repair, electrical, engine work, upholstery and as zabooda mentions, windshields are not available anymore let alone dash. betting a lunch your stringers/floor are rotted as they are wood so that requires yanking up the entire floor to replace. that boat even in good shape will only command 5-6k.
    my buddy has had one since the mid 00's. they are an AMAZING waterski boat but not really good for anything else and you can't haul more than 3 in it if you plan on recreating due to the ski pylon in the middle. no one can sit in the back while towing as you will get wrapped up in the rope.
    LOVED his boat due to the speed, ease of turns and low pro sit on the water but otherwise it is only practical for 3 riders going out to do slalom sets. we used other boats for everything else.

    whatever you decide good luck.
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