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    Default Bimini Top 1999 Mobius

    I ordered a Bimini top from the dealer in Knoxville for my 1999 Moomba Mobius with a rad-a-cage tower. I got the top Monday 7 July 2003. When installing the top on 8 July I noticed that everything on it said for a 2001 2002 Outback with tower. After drilling holes in my boad and installing the hardware, breaking off two screws in the process I find that the top just barly clears the rack on the sides. Plus the straps in the back are over 12" too short to hook up. Can someone please tell me if this is the right top and if so how to fix this problem.

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    Three different colors Bimini tops made just for moomba. No plastic and easy to install. Contact me at for pricing and pictures. E-bay user id jc323 these will be listed in the next two weeks. Special clamps and bimini. Contact Judi. Sacramento Calif.

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